Explore the massive open
world of Ascension.

The stunning and savage world of Ascension is a vast and untamed place – full of possibility but also the unexpected.  It is built on the bones and wreckage of those who came before.  Survival – let alone success – is far from guaranteed.   But you can be different.   Let every step here be your new story.  Your mark on this world.  Your legend.   

Fight to Survive.

Having crash landed, you must now explore the exotic alien wilderness around you - transforming its rugged vistas into a sprawling new civilization.  But dark and dangerous threats jeopardize your mission and your survival.  Yet you shall fight.  You shall overcome.  And you shall succeed – to be long-remembered as one of Ascension’s true heroes!  


Ascension is yours now – and you must rise to take it.  Choose who you will be in this exciting, mysterious and dangerous new world.  From the abilities you have and the skills you learn, to the gear you craft and loot you collect.  The choice is yours, and so is the path you will take to greatness!  


Survival is more than just about fighting.   Just as Ascenders is more than about pure survival.  To truly succeed, you must work together with others in the community – trading what you have for what you need, forging alliances, expanding your territories, and driving your own economic futures.  Together, you will shape the world of Ascension into your own image!  Be bold!


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The journey of millions of light years starts with a single jump.   And here is just a hands-on glimpse of the world and action awaiting players on the other side of the rift in Ascenders.  There is so much more to come. Take the leap!

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