Explore. build. fight.

From the moment we crash land on the strange and mysterious new world of Ascension, adventure calls to us!

Check out the world of Ascenders.


To know this world, we must explore its great unknowns. 

The intoxicating lure of this strange and exotic place is captivating.  From the raw beauty of its primordial vistas to its vast untapped riches and enigmatic secrets.   Ascension begs to be discovered!  However, as tranquil as it may seem, this is also a deadly alien world of unimaginable dangers.  Some hide in plain sight, others lurk just below the surface, and still other threats wait and watch from the dark shadows of forgotten ruins and derelict spacecraft.  


To conquer this world, we must fight for it.

The more we explore Ascension’s distant ramparts, uncover its mysteries, and drive the pillars of civilization into its bedrock, the more we risk it all.  Strange and ferocious predators roam the wilderness – but we are not their apex.   Neither could we naturally survive the unnatural alien infestations from other ships that have crashed here before– or what was left behind to guard their secrets.  However, skill and technology are on our side – allowing us to develop and customize how we combat these threats.  Whether for riches or for glory, we take this with us into Ascension and our fight - commanding the action in third-person.  Each new encounter makes us stronger – until we ourselves can dominate this world and cement our place in history!


To master this world, we must settle, expand and develop it.  

Breaking new ground on the stunning alien world of Ascension is just the start.  Leaving the Seedship to establish our first structures, we venture out – making use of what we find and crafting it into what we need.  Using it, sharing it with the community, trading it on the exchanges – and creating the means to build more while fueling a thriving economy in the process.  We grow, we develop, we expand – guided only by the limits of our will, our abilities and our ambition.  Each new settlement, facility and gleaming city brings us closer.  We are what we make on this world of Ascension.  And we are making our future. 

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