Crazy Pachinko Live – Full review of the Evolution Gaming game

Crazy Pachinko Live is more than a mere addition to the gaming world; it represents an ingenious fusion of the much-admired bonus round from the iconic Crazy Time with groundbreaking elements that are set to revolutionize interactive gaming. Evolution Gaming, renowned for its pioneering spirit in live casino experiences, is all set to elevate the gaming landscape with this eagerly awaited release. As the countdown to its debut begins, let’s explore how Crazy Pachinko is positioned to be a transformative force in the realm of online casinos.

Short description of Crazy Pachinko

The release date for Crazy Pachinko Live by Evolution Gaming is November 29, 2023

The game emerges as Evolution Gaming’s newest creation, a standalone triumph born from the highly popular Pachinko bonus round in Crazy Time. Crazy Pachinko Evolution is designed to enchant players by elevating a cherished game segment into a comprehensive and immersive gaming adventure.

At its core, Crazy Pachinko pays tribute to its roots in the Pachinko part of Crazy Time, a component celebrated for its dynamic gameplay and element of surprise. In this dedicated version, players are promised a heightened and enriched experience, where the game centers around the intricate and exhilarating mechanics of the original Pachinko round.

Perhaps in future games from Evolution we will see separate games dedicated to bonus rounds from Funky Time Live.

crazy pachinko live evolution

Evolution Gaming has a history of successfully spinning off segments from their games into standalone hits. A prime example is Crazy Coin Flip, which also originated from a bonus round in Crazy Time. This trend of Evolution Gaming turning popular segments into full games has been well-received in the gaming community, indicating a promising future for Crazy Pachinko.

In Crazy Pachinko, players will navigate through a slot-style interface to activate the Pachinko game, which remains the core attraction. The anticipation builds as players aim to align the right symbols to trigger the Pachinko round, where the real excitement unfolds. The game is expected to maintain the suspense and thrill inherent in the original Pachinko bonus game, while also introducing new elements to enhance player engagement and interaction.

As we approach its release, Crazy Pachinko stands as a testament to Evolution Gaming’s innovative approach, promising to deliver an experience that is both nostalgic for fans of Crazy Time and refreshingly new for those seeking a unique gaming adventure.

Expected Features Crazy Pachinko

As the gaming community counts down to the launch of Crazy Pachinko by Evolution Gaming, let’s delve into the expected gameplay features that are generating buzz. From the details gathered so far, this game is emerging as an enthralling mix of strategic depth and elements of chance, poised to bring a fresh perspective to the online casino scene.

Central to the appeal of Crazy Pachinko is the tactical employment of scatter symbols. These symbols play a pivotal role in granting access to the game’s main highlight – the Pachinko bonus round. Merging classic slot game tactics with cutting-edge gameplay elements, the correct alignment of these scatter symbols is crucial to progress from the regular play into the thrilling realm of the bonus phase. This approach not only introduces a challenging aspect to the game but also ensures that the gameplay remains vibrant and captivating.

crazy pachinko live

Qualification in the game is expected to follow a pattern familiar to seasoned slot players, yet with unique twists that only a game like Crazy Pachinko can offer. The anticipation of hitting the right combination to trigger the bonus round adds a thrilling suspense to every spin, making every moment in the game feel impactful and exciting.

The bonus rounds themselves are where Crazy Pachinko truly stands out. Building on the legacy of the Pachinko game from Crazy Time, these rounds are anticipated to offer not just a chance at multiplied winnings, but a spectacle of entertainment. They promise to be a visual and interactive feast, embodying the unpredictability and excitement that Pachinko is renowned for.

Another key feature expected in Crazy Pachinko Evolution is the role of the live dealer. Evolution Gaming is known for their exceptional live casino experiences, and this game is poised to be no exception. The presence of a live dealer is anticipated to bring an authentic casino atmosphere to the game, blending the convenience of online play with the excitement of a live setting. The dealer’s role will likely extend beyond just managing the game – they will be integral in building suspense, interacting with players, and enhancing the overall immersive experience.

Crazy Pachinko is gearing up to offer a unique casino experience, combining the thrill of slot gaming with the immersive elements of a live game show. From strategic scatter symbol gameplay to engaging bonus rounds and the dynamic presence of a live dealer, this game is set to captivate players with a blend of innovation and classic casino excitement.

Technical Details

As the gaming community gears up for the much-anticipated launch of Evolution Gaming’s Crazy Pachinko, let’s delve into the technical nuances that will define the player’s experience. Understanding the platforms and technical requirements is crucial for enthusiasts eager to dive into this new adventure as soon as it hits the market.

Platform Availability

Anticipated to launch on various platforms, Crazy Pachinko exemplifies Evolution Gaming’s dedication to broad accessibility and catering to a variety of gaming tastes. Although complete specifics are still forthcoming, it is anticipated that major online casino platforms will feature the game. Designed to be accessible via both desktop and mobile devices, it promises versatility for players, whether they’re at home or mobile. Expect a game interface optimized for a range of devices, ensuring smooth gameplay on everything from expansive desktop screens to the more compact displays of smartphones.

Device and Software Requirements

In terms of device requirements, Crazy Pachinko is anticipated to be compatible with most modern computing and mobile devices. This includes PCs with updated browsers and smartphones or tablets running on recent versions of iOS or Android. The game’s advanced graphics and live streaming features might necessitate a reasonably fast internet connection to ensure smooth gameplay and high-quality video streaming.

For the best experience, players might want to ensure their devices have updated graphics drivers and sufficient RAM to handle the live streaming elements without lag. While specific RAM and processor specifications are not yet detailed, a mid-range modern device should suffice for a smooth gaming experience. Moreover, given Evolution Gaming’s reputation for creating user-friendly and accessible games, it’s expected that Crazy Pachinko will not demand overly stringent technical requirements.

Crazy Pachinko is poised to be a versatile and accessible game, compatible with a wide range of devices and platforms. Its technical design is anticipated to cater to a broad audience, ensuring that a vast majority of online casino enthusiasts can partake in this exciting new venture without worrying about high-end hardware requirements.

Gameplay Rules of Crazy Pachinko

Drawing inspiration from the beloved Crazy Time live show, the Pachinko name in Crazy Pachinko may resonate with many fans of online gaming. This innovative game captures the spirit of its renowned bonus round predecessor, offering players a fresh yet familiar gameplay experience.

crazy pachinko live game

In the original Crazy Time game, the Pachinko bonus is triggered when the wheel stops on the designated Pachinko segment. This moment of anticipation leads players to a distinctive vertical game board, the heart of the Pachinko experience. Crazy Pachinko reimagines this iconic game board in a new, standalone format. Although the way players activate this feature has evolved in Crazy Pachinko, the core thrill and essence that made the Pachinko round a fan favorite in Crazy Time are brilliantly retained and reinvigorated.

Before delving deeper, let’s first understand how Crazy Pachinko functions and the specific rules that govern this live casino game.

The Three Phases of Gameplay

To fully grasp the rules of Crazy Pachinko, it’s important to note that the game is divided into three phases: the Qualification Phase, the Top-Up Phase, and the Pachinko Bonus Game.

Qualification Phase

This phase begins with a five-reel online slot game featuring ten paylines. The objective here is to collect three scatters in a single spin, which triggers the Pachinko bonus game. But first, players move to the second phase.

Top-Up Phase

In this phase, players have the option to spin the Top-Up slot for an additional fee to accumulate more multipliers.

Pachinko Bonus Game

The Pachinko bonus round in Crazy Pachinko introduces players to a captivating multiplier wall, complete with 16 distinct puck drop zones at the top and an array of 16 varying multipliers awaiting at the bottom. The primary aim of this round is the strategic drop of the puck, aiming for it to land on the most valuable multiplier, thereby securing the largest possible win.

Grasping the intricacies of each phase in Crazy Pachinko is crucial for players to navigate the game skillfully and fully capitalize on their gaming experience. Every stage of the game presents its unique challenges and rewards, contributing to Crazy Pachinko’s position as an exhilarating and multifaceted experience in the live casino gaming world.

Understanding the Qualification Phase in Crazy Pachinko

crazy pachinko live slot

In Crazy Pachinko, the Qualification Phase sets the stage for the thrilling journey ahead. This phase is crucial as it determines your entry into the much-anticipated Pachinko bonus game. Here’s a breakdown of how this phase works:

  1. Launching the Game: As the round begins, players are greeted with a five-reel slot machine, each reel featuring three symbols. The display includes a mix of standard symbols and special scatters.
  2. Symbol Dynamics: The reels contain a variety of symbols, including the J, Q, K, A, a cherry, a bell, and a wild. Scatters are of particular importance as they are the gateway to activating the bonus game.
  3. Scatter Symbols and Multipliers: Each reel contains one scatter symbol. These scatters are not just gateways to the bonus game but can also contain multipliers. If a multiplier is displayed above a scatter, it’s added to that symbol, enhancing potential winnings.
  4. Scatter Movement: The positioning of scatters is dynamic. A scatter landing on the top row moves to the middle row in the next spin, and one in the middle moves to the bottom row. Scatters on the bottom row exit the reel after a spin.
  5. Activation of the Bonus Game: Achieving three scatters in view triggers the Pachinko bonus game. The multipliers above these scatters are summed up and used in the bonus game to calculate the final multipliers, which can reach up to 10x.
  6. Payouts in the Qualification Phase: Winning combinations in this phase result in payouts according to the paytable, with different symbols offering varying rewards.

Top-Up Phase

Moving into the Top-Up Phase Upon securing three scatters in Crazy Pachinko, players face a pivotal choice: remain in the Top-Up phase to gather additional multipliers by spinning the slot or advance to the enthralling Pachinko bonus round. This stage is crucial, as it offers a chance to enhance potential winnings or dive directly into the core excitement of the Pachinko gameplay.

Crazy Pachinko Bonus Round

The Thrill of the Crazy Pachinko Bonus Round The bonus round unfolds with the presenter navigating to a pin-filled vertical multiplication wall. Here, the game reaches its climax. The top zone is reserved for initiating the puck drop, while the bottom is lined with 16 varied multipliers. Players eagerly anticipate the puck’s descent, hoping it lands on the most lucrative multiplier for substantial gains. A unique twist occurs if the puck lands in a ‘Double’ slot – all multiplier values double, and the puck is released once more, offering a chance to significantly boost winnings and adding an extra layer of suspense and potential reward.

Understanding the Qualification Phase is key to mastering Crazy Pachinko, setting players up for success as they progress through the exhilarating phases of this innovative game.

Various Spin Modes in Crazy Pachinko

In Evolution Gaming’s Crazy Pachinko, players are offered three distinct spin modes during the Qualification Phase, which is essentially an online slot game:

Normal Mode

In this standard mode, your bet amount is considered your base wager and is used to calculate your winnings. It’s the default mode where players engage with the game in its most fundamental form.

XXXtreme Spin Mode in Crazy Pachinko

Crazy Pachinko offers players the opportunity to engage the XXXtreme Spin mode for an additional cost. This unique mode is designed to significantly boost your odds of entering the main game by ensuring the presence of at least one scatter symbol on every spin.

Opting for the XXXtreme Spin mode requires an investment of 15 times your initial bet, but it comes with the advantage of securing one scatter symbol in every round. Additionally, this mode heightens the probability of stumbling upon scatter multipliers. This not only elevates the excitement of the gameplay but also opens up avenues for potentially higher winnings.

Feature Buy

The Feature Buy option allows players to directly qualify for the Pachinko Bonus Game by paying a premium of 75 times their base bet. This payment guarantees three scatter symbols on the next spin.

Additionally, the Feature Buy can lead to random multipliers, enhancing the potential payout. Winnings are calculated based on your base wager, providing an opportunity for significant rewards.

Return to Player (RTP) Rates

The RTP of Crazy Pachinko varies slightly depending on the chosen spin mode:

  • Normal Mode: 96.04%
  • XXXtreme Spin: 96.05%
  • Feature Buy: 96.04%
  • Top-Up: 95.01%

This variety in spin modes allows players to tailor their Crazy Pachinko experience to their preferences and strategies, offering a dynamic and customizable gaming experience.

Expectations and Predictions

As the gaming industry buzzes with anticipation for the release of Evolution Gaming’s Crazy Pachinko, it’s time to explore what sets this game apart and why it’s poised to capture the attention of a wide array of players.

crazy pachinko evolution

The Allure of Crazy Pachinko

Crazy Pachinko is not just another addition to the online casino world; it’s a game that promises to blend nostalgia with innovation. The core appeal lies in its roots – derived from the much-loved Pachinko game in Crazy Time. This connection to a familiar and beloved game is likely to draw in fans of Crazy Time, offering them a deeper, more focused experience in a setting they already appreciate.

Moreover, the game is expected to introduce unique elements that set it apart from standard slot games and live casino experiences. The combination of a slot game’s thrill with the interactive and engaging nature of a live game show is a formula that has proven successful in the past. However, Crazy Pachinko seems to be taking this to a new level, blending these aspects in a way that is expected to offer a fresh and exhilarating experience to players.

Comparison with Market Counterparts

When compared to other games in the market, Crazy Pachinko stands out for its unique approach. Unlike traditional slot games, which primarily rely on the randomness of the spin, Crazy Pachinko is anticipated to offer a more immersive and interactive experience. The inclusion of a live dealer and the focus on the Pachinko bonus round add layers of engagement and excitement that go beyond the typical slot game.

Furthermore, when compared to other game-show style offerings, Crazy Pachinko is set to carve its niche by providing a more cohesive and focused gameplay experience. Instead of being just one element in a larger game, the Pachinko aspect is the star of the show, offering a deeper and more intense experience centered around this single, dynamic feature.

Crazy Pachinko is expected to resonate with a diverse audience – from slot enthusiasts to fans of live game shows. Its unique blend of gameplay elements, coupled with the nostalgia of the beloved Pachinko game, sets it up to be a game that not only entertains but also stands out in a crowded market.

Expert Opinions and Preliminary Reviews

As the gaming world eagerly awaits the release of Evolution Gaming’s latest creation, Crazy Pachinko, the initial buzz and expert opinions offer insightful glimpses into the potential impact of this game. Let’s delve into what industry experts and gaming communities are saying about this upcoming title.

Industry Expert Insights

Crazy Pachinko has already caught the attention of renowned gaming analysts and industry experts, sparking discussions about its innovative approach and potential influence on the online gaming landscape. Many experts highlight the game’s creative adaptation of the Pachinko bonus round from Crazy Time, predicting that it will offer a unique and engaging experience to players familiar with the original game. The anticipation is high for how this standalone version will enhance and build upon the beloved mechanics of Pachinko.

Furthermore, industry commentators are intrigued by the integration of live dealer elements with slot mechanics, a combination that Evolution Gaming has been mastering over the years. This blend is expected to offer an immersive experience that bridges the gap between traditional slot gaming and interactive live casino entertainment. Experts suggest that this could set a new trend in online gaming, where the fusion of different gaming styles creates a more dynamic and captivating player experience.

Community Reactions

The announcement of Crazy Pachinko has also sparked considerable interest within the online gaming community. Forums and social media platforms are abuzz with discussions among players, expressing excitement and curiosity about the game’s features. Many players are particularly enthusiastic about experiencing the Pachinko game in a new format, anticipating the thrill of the live game show atmosphere combined with the familiarity of slot gameplay.

In addition, there is a noticeable sense of anticipation for the strategic elements that Crazy Pachinko promises to offer. Players are eager to see how the game will balance the randomness of slots with the interactive aspects of a live dealer game. The community is also speculating on how the game will stand against other popular titles from Evolution Gaming, with many expressing optimism that it will offer a fresh and enjoyable experience.


In summary, both industry experts and the gaming community are expressing high hopes for Crazy Pachinko. The game is being touted as a potential game-changer, merging beloved elements from classic casino games with innovative live gaming features. As the release date approaches, the anticipation continues to build, setting the stage for what could be a landmark addition to the world of online gaming.

The upcoming release of Evolution Gaming’s Crazy Pachinko is set to shake up the online casino world, marrying innovation with the classic excitement of Crazy Time. This game is not just a new entry but a potential trendsetter, appealing to a wide range of players with its unique blend of live dealer interaction and strategic slot play. As the launch nears, stay tuned to witness how Crazy Pachinko redefines online gaming experiences.

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