Welcome to the world of Ascenders: Simulation! This is the companion game to Ascenders, an open-world ARPG in development. This game aims to give players utility and the ability to use their Premium Land NFTs and get the hang of the economy of the main game.

In Ascenders: Simulation you will manage your lands, build structures on available plots, extract resources from the ground, craft components and trade on the market to grow your very own economic enterprise.

Powered by the groundbreaking Arbitrum network, players can benefit from the minimal gas fees, top-level security, and the thriving ecosystem Arbitrum provides.

Ascenders: Simulation launched in a Closed Alpha state on June 8 for land holders only. We will continuously add new holders to this list, so make sure to grab your land to join us.

We believe that players should be able to earn real value for their time invested in the game.
This truly player-owned ecosystem puts the player in control of what happens to these cosmetics
and what they want to do with them. Keep them? Trade them? Sell them?
The choice is yours.


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