The more we explore Ascension’s distant ramparts, uncover its mysteries, and drive the pillars of civilization into its bedrock, the more we risk it all.  Strange and ferocious predators roam the wilderness.

  • Initial gameplay and economy design
  • Game world RnD and prototyping
  • Pipeline development
  • Ascenders public announce and combat challenge event
  • Technical R&D phase for worldimplementation
  • Production design for game look and feel
  • Gameplay and economy prototyping
  • Ascension game world
  • Ascenders land sale event
  • Avax subnets blockchain backend
  • Gameplay and equipment system alpha
  • Ascension game world build lock
  • Gameplay and economy feature lock
  • Ascenders DAO Launch
  • Player created in game guild system
  • Ascenders Alpha
  • Stability phase: balance, bug, and stress testing
  • Links to external metaverse deployed
  • Genesis heroes sale event

Game launch!

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